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You've probably noticed that life at times is confusing, challenging and sometimes down right difficult. We go to school, to our jobs, do work around the house and carry on life day in and day out with routines we follow and deadlines to meet. Have you ever stopped in the middle of all this and wondered is this it? Have you ever asked the question does anyone care about what happens to me? Have you ever dared to think about God and wondered if he ever thinks about you?

Those questions are the reason this community, Trinity Lutheran Church, exists. We gather together as people searching for these answers and we believe that those questions have their answer in one person; Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ offers more than just the routines and deadlines we live by each day. Jesus Christ thinks about you and cares about you.
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420 Sequoia Drive, Exeter - Just behind the Exeter Memorial Building
Little Lambs Preschool
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